• 18-AUG-2011

Vermont Town Hopes to Host a Parade for the Record Books

Guinness Record Cadillac Parade Broll

On August 17th, in Barton, Vermont - the hometown of Cadillac founder Henry Leland - an attempt will be made to break the Guinness World Record for the largest Cadillac parade. The event will kick off the annual Orleans Country Fair. The fair organizers decided to go for the world record because Barton is the hometown of Henry Leland, a significant figure in automotive history, and because they hope to attract attendees to the fair and the region.

Lorie Seadale, owner of Parson's Corner Restaurant and fair organizer, has been the driving force and the primary mover and shaker behind the event. She talked her fellow officers at the fair into challenging the record that was set in the Netherlands in 2002 and consisted of just 102 cars. At last count, they have 145 cars registered for the parade and only need 103 to set the new record. The parade will be led by a 1959 pink convertible and cars will be coming from as far away as California and Georgia. A Guinness World Records official will be on hand to verify the record. Available video includes general views and soundbites.